The best care
For your pet!

We are committed to providing the latest in-house capabilities and technologies—from advanced lab diagnostics to state-of-the-art radiography—so your pet gets the best in contemporary care.

Dental care and Teeth cleaning





Urgent Care


Good dental health is essential to your pet’s overall health. Our preventive care begins with dental exams during annual check ups and helping pet owners get started with at-home dental care. We also perform advanced procedures and treatments.

Our chemistry analyzer enables us to get almost real-time results in-house. Using this advanced diagnostic capability we are able to get results for complicated tests that previously had to be sent to an off-site lab.

We have an extensively stocked in-house pharmacy to meet your pet’s medicine needs. We keep a large stock of antibiotics, heartworm and flea treatments, arthritis medications, pain relievers, and more.

Our in-house digital radiography equipment provides high resolution images with less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays. The images are available instantly for review with you and are easily emailed to specialists.

In our surgery suite we use advanced anesthetic protocols—the same inhalant anesthesia as in human care—and monitoring devices. Before and throughout any surgical care, our staff provides a high level of attention and compassion.

We are only able to offer this service for our current, established clients.  If your pet has an urgent care need, we fit them into our schedule. If we cannot meet the urgent care needs we will refer you to an emergency care provider, who we will work with closely to monitor your pet’s care.

We provide comprehensive wellness exams, including skin and coat, eye, ear, and dental evaluations and make recommendations to keep your pet healthy and happy. We also make recommendations for behavior improvements, which may be a sign of physical or other stress. We also provide bi-annual senior exams that help in early identification of conditions that may occur as your animal gets older.